Maintenance & Web Hosting

Managing the maintenance and hosting of your website is sometimes more challenging and intensive than many businesses have the time and interest for. After all, you’re focus is on conversions – sales! The more time you can spend there, we’re sure the happier you’ll be. So, we have packages to handle that for you. We’re proud to say we’re great at what we do when it comes to WordPress website maintenance and hosting.

Client Support

Professional email and phone support in managing website content and resolving website related issues. Priority level grants you unlimited support for one cost.

  • Priority support: $199/yr
  • one-time support: $39/ea

Increased Performance

Keep your site up to date with the latest version of WordPress and its plugins, back it up regularly, and keep the database optimized for cleanliness and speed. We highly recommend this, as your finished web solution will be essentially the central piece to your sales.

  • Increased Performance I: 30-day daily backups, CDN delivery — $183.75/yr
  • Increased Performance II: unlimited real-time backups, plugin & WordPress auto-updates — $389.35/yr

Web Hosting

Secure hosting on BRNM servers (powered by Liquid Web) that covers website, email, storage, and complimentary support.

  • Hosting BASIC: 1 site, 1 email, 2GB storage (ideal for Custom Branded Pages) – $50/yr
  • Hosting ESSENTIAL: 2 sites, 10 emails, 4GB storage (ideal for most clients) – $120/yr
  • Hosting PRO: unlimited sites, 20 emails, 8GB storage (ideal for higher traffic sites) – $195/yr

Open Retainer Services

Sometimes you need flexibility above all. Since Custom is what we do, we can handle just about every website need you have, especially if it’s with WordPress. Set at least 3 hours per month for us to address your site needs, content concerns, hosting issues, and the like.

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