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With Spring on its way we thought it’d be fitting to launch some fresh packages to keep you within arms reach of your next website update. It may be time to add some new content, update a profile, or do a complete overhaul on your site, and we want to make it as easy as possible to do so.

Web Hosting Packages

BRNM now offers 3 tiers of web hosting services, all via the Heroic support at LiquidWeb. Each level is designed to give you the most value-packed solutions. They’re linux-based servers, which means they’re easy to use (and they make WordPress happy), and they come with cPanel, arguably the most efficient interface for managing your hosting account. And with the support of LiquidWeb, our hosting solutions are secure and backed up on a daily basis. Here are the levels:

Number OneHosting BASIC — $50/yr

Ideal for the solopreneur and small business owner with a few products to sell or basic info to spread abroad, the Hosting Essential package includes 1 website, 1 email, 2GBs of storage, and complimentary email and hosting support. Our Custom Branded Pages solution goes hand in hand with this package. Have you seen it yet?

Number TwoHosting ESSENTIAL — $120/yr

The Essential package fits the needs of most our clientele. With it you and host 2 websites (or 1 larger one) for your business and team. It includes 10 email accounts, 4GB of storage, and of course support comes standard. This is the package most of our clients opt for upon launching a new site or redesign.

Number ThreeHosting PRO — $195/yr

This “fully-loaded” solution allows you to host an unlimited number of sites, up to 20 email address are included (though more can be added), and 8GB of storage — more than enough for even our largest clients. PRO clients also receive 1st priority when submitting a request for support.

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