A Website Design Process for Business Owners

Getting right to the point: having a solid design process is essential to a successful experience for you and your clients. More so, you need to know what that process is. We realize this and we make it a priority to ensure that everyone involved understands the goals, deliverables, and timeline of the project. As the saying goes, communication is key.

The Team: As soon as we get started, you’ll meet everyone involved on your project. Depending on what your project is, you’ll need a project manager, designer, developer, and copywriter.

The Timeline: Everyone’s needs and goals are different, so inevitably, every project length will vary. The majority of the projects we’ve undertaken last between 30 to 60 days. And while unpredictable situations arise (life happens!), many factors that affect the launch date are preventable. Here are some small things that, left unattended, can amount to losing big time on a project:

  • sticking to milestones and deadlines that were mutually agreed upon.
  • changing goals, strategy or vision midway through the project.
  • taking extended amounts of time to respond to design feedback.

You may see that these all relate back to communication. Keeping these items in mind from the start and throughout the project will help ensure on-time completion, ultimately leaving you happy and free to pursue your business pursuits.

“Count up to Launch”: BRNater Media’s Web Design Process

1. Stage

We solidify all the details of your project – goals, capabilities, timelines, responsibilities, etc. After receiving your signed contract and deposit, we establish any necessary accounts, including the web-host and 3rd-party apps. We also receive your content (text, images and media) to be submitted and curated, if necessary.

2. Design

Before submitting full-color web design proofs, we send you wireframes of each layout. These are the blueprints; they are skeletons that illustrate how everything will be laid out.

From the few design mockups we submit for review, you choose one to be revised to the satisfaction of your goals and target audience. It’s important to note that once you approve the designs, returning to edit them later can result in additional fees.

3. Development

Here’s where things really come to life. After you’ve finalized and approved the design layouts, we build out the actual website, integrating the necessary applications and software that you’ve asked for. As with the design phase, we send you a link to view the site to unearth any tweaks and revisions that you have. At this point, concepts relating only to the flat design should not be of concern. These include topography, color palette, and layout. Instead, the focus is on functionality and usability.

4. QA & Launch

Time is allotted to housekeeping and dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. After which, your website will be standards-compliant and fully functional. Time to go live! If you already have a web-host, we’ll be happy to transfer the site to your server. Or, we’ll help you setup a hosting account if you don’t already have one. We’ll let you know if any updates to the server need to be made prior to.

5. Maintenance

Pop the champagne on a job well done and recover from that hangover, because the launch of a website is only the beginning! We will stay in your corner to remind you of the tasks necessary to maintaining a healthy website so you can continue to generate conversions and revenue from your customers. Luckily, we have specific plans to help you that.

Ready to get started? Let’s discuss your project.