A Diversified Approach to Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is not a one-angle strategy. In today’s climate much, or most, of what has worked in the past does not work now to help your website achieve the rankings you want. Instead, the approach must come from a multiple areas – focused content, proper code, social media, and then some. And as Google continues to update its algorithm for assigning rankings, it’s increasingly important to stay abreast of what works and what doesn’t so you avoid the significant drop in rankings so many people have experienced. We insulate you from these risks and create a solid foundation to build long-term traffic growth.

BRNater Media offers custom-tailored SEO solutions that will:

  1. organically drive traffic to your website
  2. increase your online visibility so you get more visits to your site
  3. improve conversions
  4. provide methods to track your progress over time

SEO Services

As stated above, it takes more than one way to skin the SEO cat. We build a strategy with you in the following areas, giving you the best chance for improving your visibility online:

  • Keyword research & analysis: Keywords exemplify having a particular focus. We make sure your focus is a viable one through research to find the best ones for you. All else is based on your keywords, so we start here.
  • Content writing and curation: If you haven’t heard the phrase “content is king” when it comes to SEO, we’re especially happy you’re reading this. Your content – that is, what you say, write, show, and share; both on and off your website – is the very thing search engines follow to learn about you. Some may say to “write for the search engines”, but this simply isn’t true. Having content that relates to what users search for is what you want, and how you do that is a specialty of ours.
  • On-page and Off page SEO: On your site, we make sure you have the proper titles, meta tags, web-standards code, and all else that help search engines properly index your site. Off your site, we build reputations with relevant brands to your focus and utilize a few techniques that lead to a better online presence for you.
  • Penalty Assessment: If you at one point had a decently ranking site, but have seen rankings drop significantly, its possible you may be penalized in some way, either via Google or another source. We use appropriate tactics in clearing your record, so to speak, so that you may rank well once again.
  • Proper Code Techniques: This is one where a great many DIY’s get botched, and many others overlook altogether. Having a healthy site free of errors and bad code helps search engines properly index your information.
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