College Prep Professionals

Dr. Rudy Jackson had a fantastic idea in delivering online courses to help high school students prepare for college. The site features online user registration for privately viewed courses with video and individual homework content.

New Growth Magazine

NGH is the brain child of financial advisor and entrepreneur, Rashad Phillips. The site is essentially an online magazine, complete with space for advertising, reader-submitted stories, and a user-compiled directory of salons and hair studios. Sometime after the redesign, we upgraded the site to include multi-language support.

A Sign of the Times of the Carolinas

Back in 2012, we first designed a site for A Sign of the Times that was mainly an informational and educational site. It hosted news, audio/video clips, and events circling the nonprofits’ mission: preserving the legacy of the African diaspora through song, dance and spoken word. In February 2016 and after a 6 month long collaboration with…
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SITEOPS was in search of a unique way of showcasing a very unique product, all while capturing important details about its visitors.


Potina needed a way to capitalize on its exclusive right to sell the Bird Girl statue. See what we did to help them start selling online…