Smart & Helpful Website Retainer Services for 2016

Increased Productivity

Put simply, our clients want to do more than just have a website. They want sites that do the most to showcase products, promote events, engage users, and convert visitors to paying customers. In order to do that your site must not only be designed well, but it must be kept in the best shape possible. For this, we offer a number of website retainer packages that truly allow you to get the most out of your online marketing investment, each one of which comes with 15% off design and development services:

Priority Client Support

Strong PasswordsTypically, a request to have professional updates to your site come at a charge of $39 per occurrence. At the Priority level, you receive a year’s worth of support for one flat rate. It includes phone and email support, and will soon include chat as well! Contact us any time during normal business hours and receive a response usually within the hour. Support requests made after business may still be answered same day, and are answered before general support is answered.

Get Priority support today for $199/yr.

Increased Performance I and II

Give your site the highest level of performance we currently offer. Level 1 gives you daily backups of the last 30 days, plus page loading via a content delivery network, which means faster load times and more optimized pages. Level 2 gives you real-time backups for life and the CDN, plus monthly automated testing and updates on all site plugins and software. Talk about helpful! Both these packages keep you running smoothly.

Get Increased Performance support starting at $183.75/yr.

Open Website Retainer Services

Sometimes you need flexibility above all. Since Custom is what we do, we can handle just about every website need you have, especially if it’s with WordPress. Set at least 3 hours per month for us to address your site needs, content concerns, hosting issues, and the like.

Start a Retainer package at 15% off today.

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