SITEOPS - Completed May 2014

Blueridge Analytics, the makers of SITEOPS®, faced a problem with their original website common to many brands that have a lot of information about their products. Their site was very cluttered, leaving some content difficult to decipher, and much of the rest hidden deep within the website. Aside from cleaning things up, they also wanted to make use of and focus more leads thru the website, gaining as much specifics about their customers up front, while delivering interactive, informative content.

The main feature of the site is the landing pages for their products, each allowing the potential customer to request more information and a custom quote. But, it also promotes video-recorded video tutorials, a pretty awesome sales territory map, and of course the entire site is fully responsive for all devices.

Blueridge has seen a burst in traffic and new leads since the launch of their redesigned site in May, 2014.

SITEOPS - Front page

Front page

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SITEOPS - Case Studies

Case Studies