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As a business owner, you are serious about getting and keeping customers. To do this, you need more out of your website than a marginal design, a few pages and a contact form. Your website is about more than simply saying you have one. It’s about having one that actually works to bring you business.

First things first, you need a website that is built for your brand, not a brand that’s shaped around your website. This means no stock templates. You want to give visitors a solid impression of who you are. You want to get them acquainted with your products and services, and for them to have an easy way to buy from you. Will your website do these things? It’s a reasonable question to ask yourself, and one that we answer on each project we undertake. This is what we mean when we say professional, custom web design.

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What Goes into a Professional Website?

You want a website that works. But what does that actually mean? No matter what your business is, we build websites that:

  • operate as planned on all the main web browsers and devices.
  • inform your customers about your brand through focused content and design.
  • are focused toward both your information-oriented and action-oriented visitors, using appropriate design flows.
  • make use of cutting edge coding concepts wherever possible to maximize the lifespan of your site.
  • realize the standards for proper SEO structure and an SEO-friendly site.
  • effectively reach your visitors across all the mediums they may view your site with a mobile-friendly design.
  • can be easily managed with a content management system customized to your business processes (we like WordPress and Drupal).
  • include a way to measure site effectiveness and success over time (we provide detailed reports using Google Analytics).

BRNater Media is committed to providing a product that works, and at an excellent service. Ready to get started?

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