Responsive Web Design Comes Standard

Responsive web design is about optimizing your website for the device your visitor is using, whether it’s a phone, tablet, PC, or projector. If you’ve ever seen an entire desktop-sized layout squeezed into your mobile browser, you may have experienced the pain of pinching, swiping and scrolling to find what you’re looking for. Given this, we are happy to say that responsive web design is a service that we include on every custom website project we do. So, you can save your potential customers from the grief you may have encountered.

Why is responsive such a great thing? Considering the quote above, it’s clear to see why we include responsive design on every one of our projects – so your customers can reach you from any medium they choose while benefiting from the best experience possible.

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Responsive Web Design vs. Mobile Websites

There are two ways to optimize your website for mobile devices: responsive web design and separate mobile websites. We can offer either to you based on your products and services, and the best way to market them on your site.

Responsive web design involves displaying specific content dynamically for the device your visitor is using. For example, a mobile visitor should not have his small viewing space cluttered with a huge list of navigation items that would otherwise look good on tablet and desktop. There can even be many reasons specific to your business for highlighting some items over others.  Talk to us about your project and we’ll be able to pinpoint the areas you can use responsive web design specifically to your business’ benefit.

Mobile websites, or separate mobile layouts within your website, give you even more flexibility in what you want to display, depending on the device. These are especially effective on sites that involve eCommerce, where more than half of visitors are making purchases using their mobile devices. Mobile websites allow highly specific content to be shown just for the mobile user (making for faster load times), and allow you to more keenly track your mobile audience’s clicks and conversion. The result is a better experience for your customers and a better foundation for you to make smarter marketing decisions upon.

We believe that neither responsive web design nor mobile websites should dumb down your website content. They should enhance it – optimize it – specifically for those viewers.

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