WordPress 5.0 Is Here!

WordPress-5.0 Image Credit: Kinsta

This post is to bring you up to date on the newest update to WordPress, now released as version 5.0.

WordPress 5.0 was just released this past Friday, December 7th. It contains a most significant update to the software: a new content editor system that is designed to replace the prior content editor.

The newer editor is created as a “block” style editor, intended to allow for more flexibility in adding content via various element blocks into the editor… a long awaited feature. While this is a significant departure from the old ways of the much simpler content editor, at BRNM, our plan is to continue building websites at a custom level while maintaining support for both this new editor and the classic editor.

Our guidelines for building custom sites involve the use of custom options, or WordPress’s “custom fields” to allow for special layouts and elements to be displayed within the content of the website. This method differs slightly from the way the new editor is meant to be used, so it is important for you to know that if you chose to use the new editor in within your website, there may be some incompatibility between the custom features developed for your site and the new editor. But, don’t be alarmed ๐Ÿ™‚

The classic editor that’s been in use for years is still available as a plugin, and will be supported for a few years to come. So there’s no need or pressure to have to make any changes to your website any time soon.

We have tested the WordPress 5.0 upgrade against a range of websites we have developed, both older and newer, and after upgrading the software and making sure the plugin for the “Classic” editor is installed, the websites tested have performed as expected with no additional changes needed.

If your website is hosted with BRNM and your hosting package includes updates to the software to be performed byBRNM, please know that we will be proceeding forward with that update shortly. Our general policy with this sort of update is to give the newest version a few days just in case any possible bugs are detected with the larger release, and then performing the upgrades as we go.

If you are planning to do the upgrade yourself, or just want more information, we have posted details and upgrade instructions on our Big Head Web Host website, which can be found atย https://brnatermedia.com/wordpress-5-0-upgrade-what-you-should-know-before-upgrading/

WordPress 5.0 is here, and from what we can see, your websites should be able to hum along just fine without any major concerns!


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