Embedding Video in Your Posts is a Great Idea

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There is no denying that now, more than ever, videos is the most effective way to communicate your message. To put it drolly, people don’t want to read. They want to be shown. And with all the noise out there, you have less time than ever to show them why they should choose you. So show them. Show them with an attractive video embedded in your next blog article.

Embedded video improves site traffic

Embedding a VidoeSearch engines – Google, Yahoo, Bing – really like to see video on websites. This is partly to do with the fact that video is still a new area which many companies have not ventured far into using as of yet. It’s a rare commodity still, so now is the time to make use of it before it goes out of style, like home page slide shows. Search engines also like embedded video, again, because people like video, and the aim of search engines is to emulate the way people search, not manipulate that search process. But I digress…

Inserting a video into your WordPress site is easy

Back in the earlier versions of WordPress 3, the way to get a YouTube video on your site was to grab the HTML iFrame code and paste it. This was messy, of course, because do you really want to mess with HTML? I mean, that’s what you use a developer for, right? Later versions of WordPress made things easier with short-codes, but those were still a little tricky. Now if your site is running version 4.0+, you can copy the same link from YouTube or Vimeo that you’d use for your Facebook page, drop it directly into the Visual side of your editor, and you’ll see a preview right there before you publish the post, whoa!!

Another plus of embedding videos from these platforms is the improved visibility. Not only can videos find you on your site, but in search engine results as well.

Uploading your own videos

You can also upload your own videos directly from your computer. Be careful, though. Videos get big very fast. This can slow down the load times on your site, which negatively impact search engine rankings. A great resource to use for compressing videos is Zamzar. It’s free up to 50MB. You can also consider using a content delivery network to speed things up.

Uploading your own videos, as opposed to embedding from YouTube, creates the great impression of security and professionalism. A video uploaded to your site looks cleaner than one embedded from YouTube. It takes the look of your site, and you ultimately want people to remember you and your brand.



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